" I would consider myself to have a mid-low understanding of motorcycle repair, and certainly not to a level to go and tear a set of carburetors apart. The #1 thing I took away from the videos is confidence and knowing I have someone that has my back in case I get stuck. I think the MotorcycleMD idea and model is unique and I'm glad to be a part of it! "

Chris A.
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- Access to all premium carburetor courses as they come out. (see below for current)
- Pro Carb cleaning lessons & tutorials
- HD video tutorials as they are released: Electrical, suspension, Engine repairs, valve adjustments, lapping, piston service, carb tuning, lube and adjustments, brakes, clutch service,
-Topical Video courses to help solve issues like: Backfire, Gas leaks, Electrical issues, Adding lights, Bolt on improvements,  Poor running, no start, no spark and much more!
- Fundamental wrenching techniques on motorcycles
- Private Facebook Community access
- Access to a Pro Honda technicians for questions
- Pro Honda tips and tricks form the industry
- Important recall updates from Honda
- Industry leading repair information from someone in the field
- Live Q&A Hotseats
- Access to a Private Facebook Community. Dedicated to solid motorcycle repair techniques.
(Weekly involvement)
- Access to content not shown to anyone else but the inner circle group.



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"Cody, I just wanted to say what a great job you've done on your videos. They look and sound great. Your meticulous and thorough attention to detail and knowledge blow away any DIY videos I've ever found on the internet. Your enthusiasm and sense of humor are appreciated and keep things interesting.Keep up the good work!🙂"

Bill B.
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